Mulberry Mail

Mulberry Mail 4.0.8

Email, calendar and contacts from the ground up


  • Comprehensive mail client
  • Calendar and mail in one


  • Interface looks a bit dated
  • Takes some learning

Not bad

Mulberry started off life as a software project that was meant to help the developer learn more about Internet protocols used for email.

In the end, it grew into something much more and today provides an email, calendar and contacts system in one. It now supports most major email protocols and works across platforms. You can do everything with Mulberry Mail that you can with most major mail servers including setting up rules, spam filtering and auto-replies.

There is an extensive user guide for Mulberry which will take some getting to grips with but you can get up and running very quickly via the 'Simple' preference panel. This involves simply entering your real name, your email address, User ID and the Mail Server Internet address. Reading messages is done via the Mulberry Message Preview pane which is divided into three parts - the address caption, a table for displaying
attachments clearly and, of course, message text display.

While Mulberry is extremely flexible and functional, offering you most features you'd expect in a major mail client, the GUI looks a little basic and dated. The many different features and options available in Mulberry Mail also take some getting used to but worth the effort.

Mulberry Mail is an excellent mail server and calendar in one although you should know a little about POP3 and IMAP protocols before installing it.

Mulberry Mail


Mulberry Mail 4.0.8

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